One thought on “India Summer Sex Session For Naughty America!”

  1. Neil Abbott says:

    I was channeling Morrison while watching one of your video’s and tears streamed down my face as Jim wrote this.
    Strange days are upon us. While I would love to experience your casual joy, while you shower me with your Summer rain as my golden rod makes you brightly beautiful in the foggy hase of morning. While I promised I would drown my self in mystical heated wine it was actually a bath tub of my own golden shower that fill the tub as I drank my self to death because I lost the first thing I ever loved to that God damn demon fame, everyone wanted a piece of me and she was often left alone. She was my first and only muse of real love. Had I know the pain then when I followed her in the summer rain that morning. When she got home the rain parted and the sunlight broke through the clouds and showered her in rainbow sparks of wonderment and for the first time I felt peace and joy in my heart after the oblivion I was consumed with having looked into the heart of darkness of this shithouse beginning to catch fire. I reach out to you first to say, hello now that I have found her again in this life still consumed by the crap she went through the last time around I almost wish I would have left her on that porch bathed in those beautiful rainbows but had I done that I never would have had the courage to face the crowd. Anyway I am beginning to return to myself again and all my memory is cuming, lol, back in orgasmic waves of mental light. I plan to take us through to the morning after the shithouse goes up in flames now that the dogs are circling once again.

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